Crimson’s Creative Challenge #36


We Interrupt Your Voyage To Bring You This Announcement

“Hello, everyone. This is not your captain speaking. He’s…indisposed at the moment. I’m sorry for intruding. However, I must warn everyone my colleagues are impatient, so please listen carefully to what I’ve to say and follow the instructions.

“First, remain calm. Screaming, shouting or protesting is useless. Retaliation is also unacceptable. My colleagues are easily startled into violence. And please, no flash photography or video recording.

“Next, please lie on the ground with your hands over your heads. We do not wish any involuntary limb amputation for anybody.

“Finally, please surrender all your valuables in an orderly fashion. My colleagues will go around with a bag. For ladies, please deposit your jewellery and purses. For gentlemen, your watches and wallets. Please don’t give feeble reasons like family heirloom or otherwise.

“If everything goes smoothly, this operation will finish in 30 minutes. I thank you for your attention and co-operation.”

(149 words)

Ooh, I had a lot of fun writing this. Isn’t it weird to see a polite pirate? But then, society is progressing so…there you go?

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.)
You respond with something CREATIVE

Here are some suggestions:

  • An answering photo
  • A cartoon
  • A joke
  • A caption
  • An anecdote
  • A short story (flash fiction)
  • A poem
  • A newly minted proverb, adage or saying
  • An essay
  • A song—the lyrics or the performance

You have plenty of scope and only two criteria:

  • Your creative offering is indeed yours
  • Your writing is kept to 150 words or less

If you post a link in the comments section of this post I’ll be able to find it
If you include Crimson’s Creative Challenge as a heading, WP Search will find it (theory)
by ‘Searching’ in the WP Reader (fingers crossed)

Here’s wishing you inspirational explosions. And FUN.

Prompt: Crimson’s Creative Challenge #36


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