Young Ones: You Have A Voice. Use It.

To give them a place to roar, we have a responsibility to let them know!

A Cornered Gurl

I am posting this here as well just in case there are some young, active users on Medium who may not receive letters from A Cornered Gurlor may not know how to begin their writing journey with a publication. WordPress, you are family–I know how you are about our young ones, how we have to raise them up, give them their space, and allow them a chance to step foot into this world the way that they need to by sounding off… Here is just one opportunity. There will be more.

Young Minds of Medium

A Challenge: Let Me Hear You Roar!

Samuel Scrimshaw|Unsplash

This is a call for submissions. Young Minds of Medium — this is your challenge. I am looking for work from the young Writers here on Medium, ages 15–25. Submissions will be reviewed and posted on Mondays and Fridays during the month of April. This is…

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Suspending Rain

Photo credits: Tien | Varazdin, Croatia (2018)

notes of heaven’s horn died
and sparkling spears ceased
i explored the vestiges
of a recurring war

searching for heaven’s tears
i found them amongst flowers
suspended upon silky threads
by earth’s natural architect

i marveled at these remnants
threaded tiny diamonds resting
restlessly defiant
defying their demise

beautiful resilience
after this disaster
paradise is not lost
only suspended