Kreative Kue 322

Kreative Kue 320 asked for submissions based on this photograph: SONY DSC John W Howell is a multiple nominated and award-winning author who blogs at Fiction Favorites. Details of John’s books can be found on his Amazon author page Home by John W. Howell © 2021 “We finally made it.” “What did we make.” “I […]

Kreative Kue 322

The Outsider

“…and you’ll be surprised. I mean, just look at the son. You could tell that something is wrong with him, but the school is insisting that her son just needs a bit more time and space to adjust. Sickening. Well, I don’t know about you, but if I were you, I wouldn’t let my children go near her son. In fact, I’m going to talk to the principal to demand for a reason why that child is in the same class as my daughter!”

“Yes, we really need to talk to the principal. You should have seen the way her son just sits quietly in one corner of the class. He doesn’t talk and he doesn’t play with other children. He just stays in that corner and stares at everyone. Who knows what he is thinking?”

“Right, right! The other day, I saw him walking home. He saw me but he didn’t wave or greet me. He just looked at the ground and ran off! What kind of kid is that? And my son wanted to go after him to greet him. Something about the teacher telling everyone in the class to be friendly with him because of one reason or another. Luckily I grabbed him and we went the other way. I was so afraid he would suddenly turn around and come after us!”

“Hmm, I heard she got into trouble in another neighbourhood. Something about fighting with a man and screaming like a crazy woman. And her son was hiding behind some lamp post and crying. Right out in the street! I heard even the police got involved and they carted her and her son to the station.”

“That’s it. I’m talking to the principal today! This can’t wait anymore. Who knows what is going to happen if we don’t act?”




There was a chorus of agreement from the group of women as they reached a consensus. They did not even bother to keep their voices down.

Just around the corner, another woman leaned against the wall, her eyes red.

What had she done to deserve such a life?

She felt someone tug the corner of her shirt and looked down. Her son looked up at her and slipped his hand into hers.

She sniffed and whispered, “Let’s go.”


Weekend Writing Prompt #219 – Vivid

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. […]

Weekend Writing Prompt #219 – Vivid

the sun in his life fades –
steadily, stealthily –
all he is left with
are the hazy memories
of what was once
the vivid colours
of a beautiful time
before the pain
before the tragedy
before the songs of experience
even as he crystallises
these precious gems
into the grey orb
of his head
he cocoons himself
with the busyness
of mundane life
until the time comes
when sunshine returns
to his life once more
he waits patiently
for there is undiscovered beauty
under the gentle moonlight too

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #83 – July 24, 2021

Welcome to Week #83 of the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. Click here to read the guidelines for the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt series. Prompt for Week #83 (Jul 24, 2021 – Jul 30, 2021) Paranoid Click here for the 6WSP image. I will do a roundup post each Saturday (or Sunday, if I […]

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #83 – July 24, 2021

Turned back abruptly – nothing. Still unsettled.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #141

Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.…

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #141

He hammered in the sign as deep as it could go, as deep as he could manage.

“There, no one will jump into the lake now,” he muttered. Then he looked around. “Hopefully, no one will find out the secret of the lake. Who knows, maybe this place will be peaceful once more.”

“Thank you.”

He looked around the lake. The leaves rustled but there was no one. Then he grinned. “You are still the same as ever, Lady of the Lake. When will I ever see your true face?”

“And you remain roguish as ever, still courting me after all these years, Merlin.”

He laughed softly. “Some day, Lady, some day.”

Three Line Tales 286

Welcome to Week 286 of Three Line Tales. photo by Victor Furtuna via Unsplash You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr: Write …

Three Line Tales 286

He looked around sneakily as he sprayed – at last, the graffiti was completed.

He would at most be arrested for vandalism.

But no one would discover the bloodstain underneath from when he murdered his victim.

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #127

Welcome to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week I will be posting a photo I grab off the internet and challenging bloggers to write a flash …

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #127

“Hmm, this place is beautiful. What exotic place are we at now?”

“Hmm, it says here ‘Valley of Fire State park. It’s a national park.”

“What’s a national park?”

“Well, it says here that the Americans designated a few areas ‘to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and wildlife therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.’”

“Wait, did you say ‘Americans’?”


“Tell me, Lieutenant, where are we right now?”


“I mean, which planet?”


“You idiot! We shouldn’t have landed here! It’s dangerous! Everyone, stop the reconnaissance mission! Retreat to the ship! We’re leaving immediately before they raise alarm!”

Kreative Kue 321

Kreative Kue 320 asked for submissions based on this photograph: KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA John W Howell is a multiple nominated and award-winning author who blogs at Fiction Favorites. Details of John’s books can be found on his Amazon author page Gossip by John W. Howell © 2021 “Would you look at that?” “What?” “That […]

Kreative Kue 321

“I’m telling you, I saw Dracula! Count Dracula! He is in the topmost building in the town!” the woman sobbed. “I was with my sister and he attacked us. He tried to drink my blood! You got to believe me!”

The driver only stared at the hysterical woman and sighed. “Look lady, there isn’t any vampires in our town. That building is just our local tourist attraction.”

“No, please, you got to believe me!”

“Look, why don’t I drive you to your hotel?” The man offered. “Maybe you’ll find your sister in the hotel waiting for you,” he reasoned.

The woman only nodded, her make-up smudged as she got into the car.

The car drove out of the town and that was the last time anyone saw that car or the woman.

Three days later, the police found the dried up body of the man in his car.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #140

Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.)You respond with something CREATIVE Here are some suggestions: An answering photo A cartoon A joke A caption An anecdote A short story (flash fiction) A poem A newly […]

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #140

They made a pact to protect this part of nature – not that the rest was not important. But this spot held a special place in their hearts.

And so, they joined their hands and cast a spell to protect this part of the woods. This, for the last 200 years, this place was untouched by humankind.

This tree over here, is said to be from that legend. And you see how they join their hands together, heaven and earth, at this forked path.

Now, moving along, you can see…

What do you see # 90 – July 12, 2021

Welcome back to another prompt. Rules; You can write a post on your blog and create a pingback to link to the original post. Write an original story,…

What do you see # 90 – July 12, 2021

Is she a beauty? She does not know.

When she was young, she was “cute”. As she grew into a teenager, she became “bubbly”. Then she went through the usual puberty and came out as a young woman who saw nothing but flaws of her body – the wrinkles around her eyes, her crooked nose, the ugly freckles, the thick lips and other countless imperfections on her body.

As she grew older, these wrinkles, freckles, thick lips, crooked nose and other imperfections became her identity. They were what made her, her. The world saw her as she really was.

And not many people were able to do that.