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purest guardian drinks
the liquid of life,
his dove wings turn crow-like —
transformation completed



Private Heaven

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He woke up to a weight on his shoulder and an arm draped across his chest. Smiling, he cuddled the familiar form next to him. “I like it when you lie on me. It’s been a while since I woke up like this,” he mumbled.

“We should do this more often then.”

“I don’t think it works that way, honey. It’s precious because we don’t do this enough.”

She giggled. “We have a weird relationship going on.”

“Yeah, but it’s our weird relationship and I love it.” To emphasize what he said, he planted a kiss on her head and closed his eyes again.

They continued to lie in their bed for a while. “We should really get up,” she eventually said even as she continued to rest her head on his shoulders, drawing lazy circles on his chest.

“Yeah, we should.”

But neither of them made a move; instead, he only hugged her tighter as they sank deeper into the bed. And she allowed him.

“We rarely have time together. Are we really going to waste time lying here all day?” she asked, feeling rather petulant.

“We are not waste time, we are creating memories together, honey,” he mumbled again.

She smiled. They continued to lie peacefully in their bed.

In their private heaven.

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Wedding Jitters

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He did not realize he had been unconsciously holding in his breath. Standing in front of the heavy wooden doors, he let his breath out. It was a wedding, not a battle!

Why was he feeling nervous? The invitation was sent out months ago and he had rehearsed for this moment many times. He had made all the necessary preparations. There was no reason to be nervous at all!

He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down but the inane chattering behind the door leading to the ballroom unnerved him again. The ballroom in which the wedding would unfold.

How he wished the wedding was over already.

“I told you not to have that KFC last night!” he berated himself softly.One bite of the wing and you turned into a complete chicken!”

Out of habit, he glanced at his watch and shuddered. He could no longer put off the inevitable — it was time. The wedding was going to start soon. He pushed open the doors and went in.

“There you are!” Not even two seconds and his eagle-eyed aunts spotted him. “Come here, come here!”

Ah, so it began!

“I can’t believe how much you have grown!”
“Oh my, yes! Have you finished your studies?”
“Why haven’t you got married yet? You are not getting any younger, you know!”
“Don’t you have a girlfriend?”
“Tell you what, I know a few nice girls. Let me introduce them to you!”
“No matter how important your career is, starting a family and having a home is still a must!”

The stress he went through at every wedding.

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A Visitor on Earth

Krka National Park, Dalmatia (Croatia — 2018)

I stand in the shade
hiding, hypnotized — 
the rushing sound
of healing waters

Babbling brook, crashing creek or thundering waterfall, the sound of water puts me at ease. I enjoy watching and listening to the flow of water as it carves its way inexorably toward its destination. My negativity that rudely worms to the surface of my mind is drowned by this flow of water. I relax and breathe out slowly.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2018)

Summer wrecks
a merciless fire — 
its light paints
vibrant green
poetic blue

The view of little townhouses littered across the expanse connects with the romantic in me. With minimal roads tattooed onto this side of the earth, I rejoice, revel even, at the lack of human contact. Summer sun’s heat pales in comparison to the fiery fury of metropolis population. I pause and breathe in deeply.

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write away my fears

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summer sunlight comes to a close
too tired to trudge home i idle
along this beaten path
wandering wondering

blundering buffalo
brooding on beautiful
i have wrestled with words
my pen the sword

i climbed over the dead
strike down the living
fallen words followed me

inked into winter white

to what ends i sow seeds
if loneliness still lingers

this vast darkness beckons
as winking stars answer

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