Weekend Writing Prompt #125 – Ultimatum

photo of audi parked near trees

Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa on Pexels.com

“That’s an ultimatum!”

“But – ”

“No buts! Get in there!” he commanded.

Shakily, she got into the car. Before he could lock her in, she appealed to his empathy again. “Please, let’s talk about this. Just don’t do this,” she sobbed. “I’m sure we can work something out!”

He gazed at her steadily. “It’s time you conquer your fear of driving!”

(62 words)

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

The challenge is simple: each week you will be given an exact number of words you can use to write a poem or piece of prose.  You can use any format or style you like; go wherever your inspiration takes you.  The only rules are these:

  • your poem / prose must contain this week’s word.  The word does not have to count towards the exact word count total – it can be in the title, or the first letters of the lines of a poem can spell it out – you can be as creative as you want as long as it’s there somewhere.
  • the length of your poem / prose must match the number of words stated in this week’s challenge.  No more.  No less.

Prompt: Weekend Writing Prompt #125 – Ultimatum


Friday Fictioneer – 2 AUGUST 2019


Flight of the Seaplane

When the seaplane took off, his fist clenched.

“Chris, nothing’s going to happen.”

“I know,” Chris replied. “I can’t help it.”

His fiancee held his hands. He felt heat from her hands. And the smoothness of her skin. And the rattling of the seaplane.



“It’s scary, I know. But it will be fine.”

“What if they hate me?”

“Chris, they’re going to like you. There’s probably a good reason why they gave you up for adoption! If they’re willing to see you, that means something, doesn’t it?”

He returned her smile.

Maybe it was all in his mind.

(100 words)

There is so much I want to say in this story and so much I want to expand on. But alas, the word limit forced me to revise and edit the story to the bare minimum. I still hope the double play of the fear, fear of flying and fear of meeting parents, comes through in this story.

Some day, if I’m up to it, I might expand this story and flesh it out. But for now, this will do.

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

Prompt: Friday Fictioneer – 2 AUGUST 2019

Twittering Tales #133 – 23 April 2019

Photo by WikiImages at Pixabay.com

Title: Spiders

The fear is very real. When you’re afraid of spiders, space is the best place to live.

After all, no air, no spider. Right?

Anyway, arachnophobia is a serious problem – what’s that on my helmet? Is that – NO! HOW DID THE SPIDER GET IN? NO, HELP! MAYDAY! MAY –

Transmission lost.

(275 characters)

This is the second photo prompt I did for Twittering Tales and I could not help but come up with silly ideas. Exaggerating the phobia of spiders is one of them. If I offend any of you who are really afraid of spiders, do pardon me.

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a photo prompt. Your mission, if you choose to accept the challenge, is to tell a story in 280 characters or less. When you write your tale, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale. If you would prefer to post your tale in the comments (some people have very specific blog themes but still want to participate), I am happy to post a link to your site when I post your tale in the Round Up.

Prompt: Twittering Tales #133 – 23 April 2019