Photo Credits: Tien | ArtScience Museum (Singapore, 2019)

Reviving Break

“You do know what he means, right? How can you remain so calm?” he raged.

We were standing at the pond outside the Museum, after a long shift. His anger matched the relentless heat of the sun. Meanwhile, tourists milled around, as they always did, considering if the exhibitions worth their money. The Museum had placed a price to art and its customers were judging if the price was right.

Oh, the irony.

“Well, say something!”

I blinked. I had long tuned out his rant and was spacing out during our smoking break.

“What’s there to say?” I answered with a question.

“Oh come on, that was completely unfair and dirty handed!” he declared fervently.

“Do you know that lotus flowers are considered pure because they are born from the muddy waters? Despite the surrounding ugliness, a lotus flower still blooms to its most beautiful, opening its petals one by one in the day. After three days, the lotus flower dies. Then, another lotus flower will bloom and this lasts throughout the summer, when the sun is harsh,” I replied. “So what if it is unfair? It will be over eventually. What he says will not dirty me unless I sink to his level.”

“How can you be so Zen?” he shook his head. “Aren’t you at least angry?”

“Oh, I was. But that’s what the break is for. To clear my head for a long journey,” I smiled. “Thanks for complaining on my behalf though, fellow lotus. Or would you prefer I call you ‘Po’ from ‘Kung Fu Panda’? Too Teletubbies?”

He could not help himself but laughed as we walked back into the Museum.

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I’m always fascinated about lotus flowers ever since I learnt the story of wisdom in Buddhism. And the saying, “A break is necessary for a long journey” is from a Mandarin adage, which I shamelessly plagiarised. Hey, it’s my heritage! 🙂

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