Crimson’s Creative Challenge #58


The archaeologists should have left them alone.

It was unwise to disturb the remains of savage warriors and their resting place. These warriors could only remember cruel rage and bloodthirsty melee despite passage of eons – whether it was out of survival or conquest was inconsequential. And these memories remained intact in their weapons.

When the police arrived, their first reaction was not to throw up at the scene of obscene carnage; their second reaction was to warn the sole survivor to drop the bone knife which he was using to mindlessly carve a corpse or they would shoot.

They shot the frenzied survivor fifteen times.

But the nightmare continued; violence followed the weapons, from the archeological site, to the police station, to criminal hideouts, to finally the black market.

And a bidder has just placed a winning bet on the weapons.

But how long will he possess the weapons?

(150 words)

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

Here’s how it works:

Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.)
You respond with something CREATIVE

Here are some suggestions:

  • An answering photo
  • A cartoon
  • A joke
  • A caption
  • An anecdote
  • A short story (flash fiction)
  • A poem
  • A newly minted proverb, adage or saying
  • An essay
  • A song—the lyrics or the performance

You have plenty of scope and only two criteria:

  • Your creative offering is indeed yours
  • Your writing is kept to 150 words or less

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Prompt: Crimson’s Creative Challenge #58