Image from Wallls

purest guardian drinks
the liquid of life,
his dove wings turn crow-like —
transformation completed



A Visitor on Earth

Krka National Park, Dalmatia (Croatia — 2018)

I stand in the shade
hiding, hypnotized — 
the rushing sound
of healing waters

Babbling brook, crashing creek or thundering waterfall, the sound of water puts me at ease. I enjoy watching and listening to the flow of water as it carves its way inexorably toward its destination. My negativity that rudely worms to the surface of my mind is drowned by this flow of water. I relax and breathe out slowly.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2018)

Summer wrecks
a merciless fire — 
its light paints
vibrant green
poetic blue

The view of little townhouses littered across the expanse connects with the romantic in me. With minimal roads tattooed onto this side of the earth, I rejoice, revel even, at the lack of human contact. Summer sun’s heat pales in comparison to the fiery fury of metropolis population. I pause and breathe in deeply.

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