Emerging Rebel

Image from Flickr | Image by Sid Mosdell

“friends” dripped words onto my skin—
now, i am learning to shed

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In response to Tracy Aston’s prompt: Tiny Rebellion



Suspending Rain

Photo credits: Tien | Varazdin, Croatia (2018)

notes of heaven’s horn died
and sparkling spears ceased
i explored the vestiges
of a recurring war

searching for heaven’s tears
i found them amongst flowers
suspended upon silky threads
by earth’s natural architect

i marveled at these remnants
threaded tiny diamonds resting
restlessly defiant
defying their demise

beautiful resilience
after this disaster
paradise is not lost
only suspended

A Visitor on Earth

Krka National Park, Dalmatia (Croatia — 2018)

I stand in the shade
hiding, hypnotized — 
the rushing sound
of healing waters

Babbling brook, crashing creek or thundering waterfall, the sound of water puts me at ease. I enjoy watching and listening to the flow of water as it carves its way inexorably toward its destination. My negativity that rudely worms to the surface of my mind is drowned by this flow of water. I relax and breathe out slowly.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2018)

Summer wrecks
a merciless fire — 
its light paints
vibrant green
poetic blue

The view of little townhouses littered across the expanse connects with the romantic in me. With minimal roads tattooed onto this side of the earth, I rejoice, revel even, at the lack of human contact. Summer sun’s heat pales in comparison to the fiery fury of metropolis population. I pause and breathe in deeply.

Originally published on Medium.

write away my fears

Image from WPNature

summer sunlight comes to a close
too tired to trudge home i idle
along this beaten path
wandering wondering

blundering buffalo
brooding on beautiful
i have wrestled with words
my pen the sword

i climbed over the dead
strike down the living
fallen words followed me

inked into winter white

to what ends i sow seeds
if loneliness still lingers

this vast darkness beckons
as winking stars answer

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