Four Walls and A Roof

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #180 | Crispina Kemp

The tourists marvelled at the historical cathedral as they listened to the guide’s explanation. “Built in 1807, this building has witnessed disasters, plagues and wars and withstood the passing of time. Of course, every region has its own stories and what good is a cathedral without any vampire stories?”

Everyone laughed at the offhand joke.

“Well, as it turned out, there were stories, not of vampires but of werewolves,” the guide continued. “It was rumoured that there was a colony of werewolves living at the edge of the forest, stealing into a nearby village for food, and worse, for women. And it is rumoured that finally, the villagers had enough so one night, all the womenfolk would hide in a cathedral while the menfolk fought with the werewolves outside the cathedral. This is the very cathedral, people.”

The group was hushed after the story.

“Well, moving on…” the guide’s voice trailed off as he led the group away from the cathedral.

But the ending to the story? The werewolves never died – they could never die, granted with immortality. So they were imprisoned instead, in the deepest part of the cathedral for 200 years.

Prompt: Crimson’s Creative Challenge #180


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