dream of a storyteller

Tien, Singapore (2020)

I dream a little dream — a secret dream of being a storyteller — to spread open a blank paper of possibilities and bring fantasy into reality. I wish to wander with ideas in the day and chase the words down at night; to give vibrant voices to silent thoughts; to create pleasure in mundane. I wish to poet the painful wisdom of maturity; to fiction fake worlds of memories; to weave the fabric of life with tapestries of experiences.

Let me live a life of a storyteller — translating thousands of lives with my pen and paper. No more weariness of a workhorse trudging through long murky road. Let me live a life of a storyteller — transcribing tragedies into comedies with happy endings. No more slavery of a worker ant circling the debris of what could not be whole again. Let me live a life of a storyteller — scripting merciful deaths to despair and despondency.

No more scavenging of a worker bee in the wild reporting to the beehive at the command of a whimsical queen bee. No more shod ox ploughing fields or shackled elephant performing in a circus. No. I shall be pleased with the precious lifeline of writing my time away.

So let me live a life of a storyteller.


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  1. Be careful what we wish. After Christmas 2004 I wished I didn’t have to return to work, that I could stay at home and write. I’d been ill, work was high stress, I really wasn’t fit for it. First day back to work after Christmas I was called to the CEO’s office and told I was laid off (ill health). Although that required me to massively downsize, and I continued with ill-health for the next 10 years, I really was happy, and I did write every day, and still I do. I’ve just published my 7th book, and I’m working on books 8 & 9.

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