“A what?” I stared my 5-year-old son.

“A hammock,” he repeated impatiently. “For the squirrels.”

I breathed in deeply as I tried to understand his logic. “Why would the squirrels want a hammock?”

“They live in this tree, Daddy! Of course they want a hammock! We have a hammock!” He thrusted his beanie towards me again. “Come on, Daddy! I know they’ll love it!”

I gave up understanding his logic and chose another tack. “You know, Mummy will be angry if you walk home without your beanie.”

I silently apologised to my wife. She would definitely want to talk to me for filling this boy’s head with nonsense, I was sure of it.

“But the squirrels will be happy! Please, Daddy? Please?”

This was so unfair.

That boy knew I could not resist those eyes.

I sighed as I took the beanie and started tying one end of the earflap to the branch I could reach comfortably.


Prompt: Crimson’s Creative Challenge #179


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