Photo Challenge #383

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Photo Challenge #383

The Day Moon Landed among Flowers

Moon could not understand the concept.

“What do you mean, you just grew?” For all her life, she only knew constancy and changes. Her body changed constantly – things shifted and re-arranged and re-shaped. But mostly, her body remained unchanged, just different.

The concept of things “growing” from her body was alien to her. Not refreshing, simply alien.

Flowers swayed to the rhythm of Wind. “We were Seeds when we were young. Then we took roots to Earth as Rain nurtured us. And now, we are Flowers.”

Moon pondered the words. “So you’re just part of Earth who re-formed from Seeds into Flowers? I can do that too, to re-arrange a part of myself into Flowers, except I don’t have what you call ‘Rain’.”

“No, we’re not part of Earth. We’re quite separate entities.”

Moon struggled with that thought. “My memories are dim but I seemed to remember such an event, when separate entities landed on me. And coincidentally, they are from Earth.” She looked at the flowers hopefully again. “Is that what it means to grow?”

Flowers swayed to the rhythm of Wind again. “No, it’s not. But you’re getting close to the idea,” they congratulated Moon.

“This is confusing,” Moon admitted. “I shall need more time to contemplate on this subject.”

Flowers only swayed in concession to the rhythm of Wind.

“Little separate entities of Earth, I shall consult you on you this subject once more to clarify my understanding,” Moon announced. “Would you mind my visit again? Just give me a year.”

“That depends.”

“On what, Flowers?”

“What do you mean by ‘a year’?”


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