Crimson’s Creative Challenge #149

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #149

When the term “global warming” first appeared, they paid no attention to it. “Good lord, do you know how cold it is where I am? There isn’t any global warming!”

To describe the situation better, the term “climate change” was used. “Nope. Where’s the change?” they challenged. “We still have our four seasons. The erratic weather changes are nothing more than an occurrence that happens in the history of humankind!”

And so they denied the construction of more windmills in an attempt to harness renewable energy and ridiculed the existing structures as false alarm and nothing more than a cry for attention.

They laughed. And laughed. And laughed no more three years later, when ice age hit them and the civilisation they grew up in disappeared.

Now, these structures standing in barren lands only mocked their denial of the plain truth.


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  1. Excellent! Though I will say I was first aware of the search for renewable energy in the mid 1970s when a return of Ice Age was the major fear. Not to counter any kind of climate change but to reduce pollution and replace a non-renewable source.

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