What do you see # 89 – July 5, 2021

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What do you see # 89 – July 5, 2021
Image credit; Oziel Goméz

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows an old car parked in snow. The luggage rack on the top of the car has a rubber raft on it.

The two friends were in the car for days, trapped out here in the mountains when the blizzard struck.

They had not informed anyone and naturally, when they were trapped, no one came searching for them. And the communication towers must be down because they could not get any signal on their mobile phones and the radio was out.

What was supposed to be dream holiday turned into a nightmarish fight against nature for survival.

It felt like an eternity, not knowing when he would die – was that how the criminals charged for death sentence felt as they awaited their trial? He turned to look at his friend. His friend’s eyes were closed, not asleep, not dead, simply closed. Probably imagining themselves somewhere.

His stomach rumbled. How long had he last eaten or drunk anything? He licked his dried lips. It hurt because his lips were cracked, from thirst and from the cold.

He turned to look at his friend again.

He was really hungry and thirsty.

. . . . .

“So you mean, there is food and water at the back of the car?” the detective asked again.

His partner nodded. “Enough to last easily for a week for two people.”

The detective turned to look at the car again. It looked like some special effects right out of some Hollywood horror movie – the open chest cavity, the dried blood, the look of horror on the boy’s face as his glassy eyes stared ahead and the mouth opened in silent scream.

Then he turned to look at the other bloodied boy, hugging his knees and rocking himself as he muttered.

“I’m so hungry and thirsty. I didn’t want to, but I’m so hungry and thirsty…”

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