Kreative Kue 318

Kreative Kue 317 asked for submissions based on this photograph: John W Howell is a multiple nominated and award-winning author who blogs at Fiction Favorites. Details of John’s books can be found on his Amazon author page Floria by John W. Howell © 2021 “Yeah, I get the whiff of colliander, but I think it […]

Kreative Kue 318

As the two ladies walked under each wooden truss, memories slowly faded from their minds – every moment of their relationship, be it grudges, grievances or gratitude.

Such was the road of the pure realm, purifying all tainted spirits from worldly matters.

Both had died together in a fight that turned ugly. In their previous lives, they fought over many things, simply because one could not stand the brilliance of the other. When one married a rich man, the other must marry a richer man; when one gave birth to a pretty girl, the other must give birth to a prettier girl; when one bought a classy dress, the other must buy a classier dress. Their relationship was built on an unhealthy competition.

All of these did not matter in the pure realm.

No one knew how long – both time and distance – this road of reincarnation was. Every spirit would walk until each memory from their previous life was wiped clean before the purified spirit reincarnated into the world. As the two ladies reluctantly walked beside each other on this road, each truss stole a bit of that resentment.

The revolting journey transformed into an annoyed one, then into a bearable one, then into a curious one – both of them had forgotten who the lady standing next to herself was. And as they walked, they became younger – into young adults, then into adolescents, then into children. As always, peace returned to the road of reincarnation and to their spirits as they crawled eagerly into the light of the world again.

Somewhere in the world, a pair of twin baby girls were born.

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