What do you see # 87 – 21 June, 2021

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What do you see # 87 – 21 June, 2021

Her head down, she slowly pushed the stroller as she mentally took inventory of what she could buy with coupons she cut out from the newspapers.

Baby formula, milk powder, diapers, rice, eggs, toilet paper, would the budget be enough to cover?

There had not been any sale lately; the subsidy from child relief had depleted some time ago; the Soup Kitchen was not sufficient enough to feed her family; the restaurants in her neighbourhood had not been throwing out any surplus food that she could surreptitiously collect. Life was besieging her from all sides and she was running out of ideas.

“Oh, what a precious little thing!” A lady interrupted her thoughts. “She brings a refreshing smile to your face when you look at her!”

She smiled politely at the lady, “Thank you! She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

The lady, who was couching, waving her fingers at the baby and making cooing sounds, stood up and smiled back at her. “And who knows, you might be the best thing that happened to her!”

“Oh, my bus is here!” The lady waved her hand to flag down the bus. “See you around!”

She waved goodbye at the lady and looked down at her little gem. “Am I the best thing that happened to you?”

The baby only gurgled and kicked her legs happily, as she sucked on her little fist.

She laughed at her daughter’s antics. “My best gift is you!”


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