Kreative Kue 317

Kreative Kue 316 asked for submissions based on this photograph: John W Howell is a multiple nominated and award-winning author who blogs at Fiction …

Kreative Kue 317

“I’m telling you, there’s a squirrel in there!”



“Come out, squirrel!”

“Come out and play with us! Now!”

“We can’t see you yet! But we can smell you!”

“Hurry out now!”

“Out! Out! Out!”

“Come on! Let’s be friends!”

“Yea! We’ll play nice!”

And sadly, it was during that morning walk, the two puppies did not make any squirrel friends. In fact, the entire squirrel colony had to migrate to a more peaceful part of the woods because of the daily harrassment.

Their excited barks were too terrifying.


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