Coronaviral Adventures #15

During the 2 months of circuit breaker, it seems many people have mastered a skill they dreamt about. I have heard of people picking up culinary skills, needlework, painting, drawing, writing and the likes. Then, there are also people who do HIIT, yoga, pilates and the likes.

How productive they were during this period!

Am I the only one to sink into debauchery, watching random TV series and eating junk food?


6 thoughts on “Coronaviral Adventures #15

  1. Uh, no sir! I have also fallen victim to cravings I thought were long gone…maybe the keto wagon is something I’ll get back on after the summer is over when now is really the time I should be strict. It’s just not in me lately, I’m in vacation mode or something, lol. I have tried to stay productive though, writing, reading, volunteering when I can, and more. Anything to keep me from watching the awful news until night time. What is the circuit breaker?

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