Social Etiquettes I Would Never Understand

  1. knocking on the door and entering before any forms of acknowledgement is given – what is the point of knocking then?
  2. interrupting an ongoing conversation with “what happen?” immediately upon arrival – what happen to the entire “listen before you speak” idea?
  3. shifting and centering all conversations to self or “I/me”, especially when counselling or consoling a person – how does that help? It does not lessen that person’s pain and now, two people are hurting over separate matters.
  4. volunteering to help a person, then proceed to ask a third party to do it – why volunteer your help if you can’t do it yourself?
  5. giving information openly on social media but gets annoyed when people ask you about that information in offline world – why put it online for everyone to know then?

Or maybe these are just some of my pet peeves…