Coronaviral Adventures #13

I’m ambivalent about the end of circuit breaker in Singapore on 2 June.

I mean, it’s nice to have the routine back – going to work, seeing the students physically in classrooms, marking physical copies of exam scripts, discussing work matters with colleagues and generally, going about life, albeit with safety distancing and personal hygiene in mind.

But at the same time, I’m going to miss the 30-second travel time from my bed to my work desk, the joy of waking up AFTER sunrise, the convenience of refrigerator 50 steps away and generally, the freedom of being bare-footed.

I guess I better go try on my work pants to see they still fit.

PS: This is born out of sheer annoyance after marking so many essays with similar mistakes. To college/university students who love to abuse the words “ambivalent” and “albeit”, allow me to disabuse you of their usage. And when lecturers talk about ensuring parallel structures in academic writing, the words in italics are simple examples.


7 thoughts on “Coronaviral Adventures #13

    • Most definitely, Shweta. The original routine will never be back, even with the vaccine on the horizon. I hope everything is all right on your end too. Take care!


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