Coronaviral Adventures #12

Badge of Honour, Tien (2020)

While I get unexplained bruises, I don’t really bruise that easily. This is, by far, the biggest badge of honour I received from a blood donation. Luckily, drug abuse by injection is not that common in Singapore, although I really wonder what people’s reaction is if they see such a huge bruise. And there is this sense of solidarity at the blood donation centre, when I see some familar faces, either donors or medical workers thanking each other despite the pandemic we are going through.

But the biggest adventure is probably the bus ride. For a small city-state which the local populace depend mostly on public transport for commute, you have no idea how exciting it is to see a relative empty bus. I finally got a chance to sit alone throughout the entire ride – I don’t even have to worry about someone sitting next to me.

Thanks to safety distancing.

Covid-19, personal space ambassador…


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