Coronaviral Adventure #4

So Singapore came up with “Covid-19 circuit breaker”, in an attempt to prevent new locally transmitted cases of Covid-19. All non-essential services are terminated today, leaving only food and beverages services, selected transport services, medical services and the likes to continue operation.

After two chaotic days, I’m finally working from home and that is when I realise, I never have any desire to get a snow globe ornament.

That is, until now. When the shop selling the snow globe is closed.



6 thoughts on “Coronaviral Adventure #4

  1. Hi Tien. So Singapore has joined the rest of the world. Welcome to the wardrobe! (I was going to say closet, but that has other connotations.) Next stop, Narnia. And it’s sod’s law that the one thing you really must have, will be, for the duration, out of reach. For you, it is a snow globe. For me, it’s a walk down a green lane in spring.

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