crispina kemp

Grab yourself an epic fantasy set in a time when the only invisible foe was a demon.

All five books of The Spinner’s Game are now available on Amazon as Kindle and Paperback. Buy it here.

The perfect companion for those lockdown days.

Opening words from The Spinner’s Child

Gut the fish, scrape the scales, shell the nuts, pound the seeds. And what else could her mother find to stop her from idling and making up tales? But she wasn’t lazy; she preferred to be busy. And neither were her stories fancies. They were truths, had direct from clansfolk’s heads. She ought to learn it was best to say nothing. She was different, others hadn’t her trick.

Her mother glanced across to the neighbouring floor and upjutted her chin. ‘Boy-Bytan’s wanting to play, if you want to go.’

Kerrid quirked a smile. It would serve her mother well if…

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