Coronaviral Adventures #2

I was sitting stiffly at my desk after 3 hours of teaching, working on exam papers. With a bad back. So when the laptop chimed at the new email, I was subconsciously reaching toward the mouse with certain enthusiasm at the distraction.

Then my back reminded me sharply that it is not taking any nonsense from me for a while.

Once the pain receded and my vision cleared, I read the blackmail. I mean, the email.

“Your video is online.”

Oh, the horror!

Due to the recent viral trend known as Covid-19, the institute I’m working in is exploring online classes and I was that guinea pig offered as a sacrifice. For someone who can’t even stand to have his photo taken, being recorded for 3 hours is an absolute nightmare.

I’m so not looking forward to watching this video.


9 thoughts on “Coronaviral Adventures #2

    • Aw, thank you. Well, it’s not so much of the recording that bothers me, but rather, the viewing afterwards…and because I’m the guinea pig for trial run, they request me to “share my experience with all lecturers so they would know what to expect”…at four separate training sessions…How about, “Erm, no, I would rather dig my own grave and have you shot me?” LOL

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  1. We all must make sacrifices! I sympathise. I hide when the cameras come out.
    As to your back, we have a product in UK which you might be able to called Deep Freeze. It is a drug free glide-on gel. I swear by it, especially since I’m not supposed to take other forms of anti-inflammatories. Good luck with finding either that or something similar. I think the main active ingredient is denatured ethanol… or that might only be the carrier. Ah, look for Levomenthol amongst the ingredients, that’s probably the magic fix :).

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  2. True story or creative fiction? It sounded so real.
    If it is true, I hope your back eases up soon. Not sure about how I would feel myself in regards to the video. Iโ€™m sure you did a great job! Had they warned you ahead of time, you would have been nervous. This way, they captured you in your natural state. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    • True nightmare…Thanks though. I actually know ahead that they are coming to record me. What I did not expect is, three elearning guys came to set up, one head of lecturer management and his assistant were in the classroom next door viewing, my department head and department vice-head were watching remotely in the office and head of international management watching while walking around the campus…and later when they do a training session for the rest of the lecturers, I am requested to share my experience of the online learning applications…I would rather have my back kill me…

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