Coronaviral Adventures #1

I sneezed loudly this morning.

Good news: I was alone. In the toilet. Even if I have the virus, I don’t think anyone is at risk of getting infected.

Bad news: I injured my lower back after I sneezed.

For someone who had an injured lower back, this is not fun because it will easily take me at least two weeks to recover.

Meanwhile, I walked around like Pinocchio – stiff and straight – and I stand up or sit down in an awkward manner, trying not to scream.

This is my effort in the fight against Covid-19.


10 thoughts on “Coronaviral Adventures #1

  1. Sorry about your back, as someone who’s been there, sometimes an icepack to the affected area is helpful, also, lie down on the floor. Do various leg raises and if you can, some bridges. This could pop your back and/or provide you some relief while strengthening your core muscles. You’ve probably been sitting too long in one position, a problem all of us writers have from time to time. Get well soon!

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    • Thanks for your concern and your advice. My injured back stems from my younger days when I practice gymnast and dancing and I overdid it. I don’t like ice packs because it seems to make my back worse. But I do simply stretches all the time and do some back strengthening exercises. It’s just my back gives out really easily, from a simple sneeze or, as you rightly said, sitting too long. I never tried doing bridges when my back hurts though…will definitely give it a try! Thanks!

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