Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

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The crystal was supposed to absorb negativity, or so said the lady from whom she bought the crystal.

Instead of absorbing negativity, the crystal was steadily losing its original dark purple and turning white, then colourless.

She herself had not experienced any changes in her life.

So she chucked it one side, dismissing its potency as hokum.

However, the lady who sold her the crystal forgot to tell her to return the crystal for a re-charge before it turned completely clear.

It was too late when the lady remembered, for the owner was crushed to death from a falling statue when she was jogging in a park.

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Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and the last Six Sentence Story Sunday prompt word reveal for the year 2019. As we approach the cusp of a new year, a new decade, may we all enjoy discovering exciting new characters, developing mysterious and marvelous new story lines; penning poetic musings and observations. May the writer in all of us share in the wonder that is imagination. Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to reading you at the next installment of Six Sentence Stories in the year 2020 🙂

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Prompt: Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!


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  1. It would seem naive to pursue a “charm” and then be dismissive when you didn’t think it was working. But that is irrelevant now! (Think I would have done some research first :D)

    You going to come over to Girlie and link up your Six, Tien? Hope so!

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