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Chasing Monsters and Hunting Demons

They thought they would live in this valley forever – not for all eternity, naturally, but at least long enough for them to settle down and raise their children in peace.

The unicorns grazing in the fields peacefully, the kite monsters flying free in the skies, the levitating fisherman angling for unsuspecting birds, the mist demons playing hide-and-seek and the blurring dandelion trees basking in the warm sun.

That was the beautiful scenery in the giant’s mind as he looked down the at the valley he once called home.

But a burning valley with screams piercing in the air was the horror that would be imprinted in his eyes, and the eyes of their children, as they fled from their enemies. Their enemies who once accused them of any wrongdoings or unfortunate events; their enemies who invented rumours about them; their enemies who turned them away from the community just because of their appearance.

The humans.

And their enemies relentlessly pursued them and hunted them down – not for revenge, not for self-preservation, not for profit, but for stereotypical mindset of ridding ungodly things.

Were they not children of the gods too? Why would the gods put them together with the humans then?

The giant, leading what was left of the villagers, turned and left, forced into hiding in darkness.

One thing I like about Kira’s art pieces is, they are truly inspiring. So many ideas come to mind at once and the ideas all seem to too good not to jot down. What is left is actually to sift through the ideas to identify what works and what does not, then combine the ideas together to form a single coherent and cogent story.

This piece is somewhat dark and ominous but overall, I like where it is going, seeing that it can be a commentary on our society these days.

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

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