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By Kira for Sunday Scribbles

It picked up yet another one who was to be born and measured his worth before deciding where to place him. It had been doing this for a very long time now – so long that It had forgotten whether this was a pleasure or a pain. Or whether this was pointless.

Some called It “The Creator”, some “Gaia”, others “They” and until recently, “God”. It never felt the need for such distinction or identity though- It knew who It was and that was enough.

But at that moment, It was wondering if what it were doing worth anything; half the time, It did not even know what It was doing, only that It was supposed to do what It was doing. And everyone did not seem to thank It. Some were even bemoaning and grudging It for their circumstances.

But what was It supposed to do? They had their own purposes, just as It did.

It was Life.

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