Friday Fictioneer – 9 AUGUST 2019

PHOTO PROMPT © Randy Mazie

Boarded Up

“That’s the meeting place for the most close-minded people in our town,” his grandma replied. “They think they’re solving problems but all they do is talk, blame others and re-direct townsfolk’s attention to unimportant matters, like harmful effects of video games and outsiders arriving at our town.”

“So that’s like a town hall? Is that why we decorate it with flowers?” the boy asked.

“No, that’s probably because Mother Nature can’t stand the thought of our leaders being unable to spell ‘trespassing’ correctly,” his grandma replied. “Let’s go, we actually have important things to do, unlike those jokers in there.”

(100 words)

Keep calm and continue what we are supposed to do.

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

Prompt: Friday Fictioneer – 9 AUGUST 2019

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