Carrot Ranch – August 8: Flash Fiction Challenge

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Poisoned Apple

He could scarcely believe it. Months of effort – of planning, of sleepless nights – wiped out in matters of seconds.

Oh, how can the apple be poisoned so?

Known for its immunity, most viruses are unable to affect it. Yet, he could deny the truth no longer.

His MacBook Pro is not responding to any of the commands.

Well, every cloud has its silver lining. Or at least he hopes the iCloud has, that the documents have been backed up to the online server.

Then he realises, he has forgotten to switch on the Wi-Fi.

Poisoned Apple indeed.

(99 words)

Well, this happened to me once. I wasn’t using MacBook Pro but rather, some other brand (NEC or Sony Vaio, I forgot which one until I made the switch to MacBook Pro). Google didn’t have a range of services like it does now and auto-saving a copy online was a foreign concept. At least to me.

The whole thing died and my heart along with it. Everything I had on the computer was the only copy. Thank goodness I know of a friend who knows of a friend who knows of a computer whiz. He did some tech mojo and I managed to salvage most of what I had, albeit not the latest updated copy.

But hey, at least I managed to get some things back!

And I never trust technology again. I have different copies of the same document saved in various places.

Talk about paranoia.

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

August 8, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a poisoned apple. Let’s explore dark myth. Deconstruct the original or invent something new. Negotiate the shadows, shed light, but go where the prompt leads you!

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  1. Once bitten … and then the months, and the years go by, and lax habits begin, and soon the hard-drive looks like a swamp, and where to begin. Yikes. And now I’m panicked. Thank you for your gentle reminder

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