100 Word Wednesday: Week 132


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Stan the Saxophonist

Scientists have proven music helps plants grow better; after all, plants are living creatures too.

He has been practising his saxophone in front of these plants for well over 40 years so he should know – the trees are growing very well. His fellow musicians have been laughing at his saxophone playing. But his perseverance is paying off; they will laugh no longer.

The trees growl angrily as he continues his tune. Soon, they will storm into the towns and they will pay for the deadly insults all those years back.

He is Stan the Saxophonist.

And they will pay.

(100 words)

Inspired by The Legend of Pied Piper, I was very eager to write this story. But once again, this story is late because of time constraint and, of course if you know me by now, word limit.

If only I could play a magical instrument to rouse the plants to a war march.

Vindictive nature much? LOL.

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

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Prompt: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 132


13 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Week 132

  1. Like it. And I’d say it’s true. I play music from 5:00am to 9:00 pm and the plants by the window now form a veritable hedge. I’m hoping to train them to get heavy with the local litter louts. 🙂

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  2. With good drums, I can’t be still. How I ever write. But if I’m not writing then my hands are drumming, else my fingers keying an imaginary keyboard. It’s not air guitars with me, but air drums, and air keyboards.

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  3. That story was hilarious, you have such an active imagination! My mind never would have gone there!
    I probably would have come up with some nonsense about the guy needing some solitude so he found a spot in the woods to practice, or something along those lines. You, sir, are a wonderful wordsmith!

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  4. Love this whimsical tale: Revenge if the Forest!

    And No Worries: You aren’t late! You can always post on any prompt going all the way back to the beginning of 100 Word Wednesdays! Since I’ve gotten behind doing the Weekly Wrap Ups, I’ll be going back and posting them all within the next month! I’m working some bugs out of my site to make that bit a little easier 🖤

    Thank you for joining our writing community again this week for 100 Word Wednesday 🖤 Kelly

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