Friday Fictioneers – 19 JULY 2019

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Three Wise Monkeys

“Yes, I know, I’ve already informed the owner. She’s left,” he answered, holding his phone to his ear. He gave the owner a thumbs-up and smiled. “OK, boss,” he acknowledged before hanging up.

“Here, extra spicy with mustard, just how you like it,” Betsy handed the hot dog to Channing. “Careful, it’s hot.”

“Thanks, Betsy. Anyway, my boss’s leaving soon. Just hide here for a while, ” Channing informed.

“Thanks, Channing, you’re the best.”

“Hey, gotta look after our own, right?” Channing grinned. “See no evil, hear no evil -”

“Give no shit,” Betsy and Channing said in unison, laughing.

(100 words)

I saw the white statue covering the eyes and the security guard seemingly speaking into his mobile phone, I could not help but think of the three wise monkeys. And given that lady barely bothered by the security guard’s presence, this story slowly surfaced into my mind.

I was honestly surprised by where this story took me, actually, as I started without a single idea where it was heading. But in a way, I like how this story ended, showing how the base people could hardly care about what the higher management wants. So I guess everything works out in the end.

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

Prompt: Friday Fictioneers – 19 JULY 2019


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