Three Line Tales, Week 180

three line tales, week 180: Patrouille de France in the sky

photo by David Peters via Unsplash

Aerial Dance

Months of intensive training have finally led to this chance of a dazzling aerial show and he is determined not to mess things up.

The difference between success and failure is the ability to hold the wheel in face of stressful times.

He messes up.

Aerial shows fascinate me, but I could not help but wonder, at what price are the pilots paying to produce such shows? I could not even drive a car properly, much less fly a jet in such close proximity to another…

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Prompt: Three Line Tales, Week 180

3 thoughts on “Three Line Tales, Week 180

    • True. And I believe accidents during aerial shows are even more shocking because of the audience’s attention on the pilots to display perfect skills, only for it to end in horrific ways…

      Personally, I feel the audience are “ooh-ing” and”ah-ing” because they are probably fantasising of themselves flying the Jets. *Shrugs* just a thought

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      • That’s a good thought. Myself, I can’t bare to watch, just waiting for the accident to happen. I’m the same with stage magicians. Logic tells me not to worry, but I’m always thinking the trick won’t work. Doesn’t that I know there is no danger. While in my own life I’m an optimist, it seems with others I am not 🙂

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