100 Word Wednesday: Week 128


Image by Bikurgurl

Great Escape

After hearing tragic screams of the first brave cyclist, the remaining survivors gathered at the entrance of the tunnel to formulate a plan.

“What if we light a fire at the entrance?” someone suggested.

“Don’t be silly. Are we trying to draw it out or keep it in?”

“Well, I’ve seen the creature flirting with a campfire before. It likes fire.”

“Are you willing to risk the safety of the children?”

A loud belch from the tunnel answered their question.

It seemed escape was impossible with the dragon guarding the only tunnel leading in and out of the town.

(99 words)

For some reason, tunnels always bring out the worst imagination in me. I have imagined it collapsing, filled with imaginary creatures like zombies, dragons or aliens, leading into another dimension or trapping people forever without any way out.

I should really stop thinking about such silly fantasies.

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Prompt: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 128


8 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Week 128

  1. Indeed, tunnels are dangerous things! We have tunnels under Norwich, supposedly the remains of chalk mining. In bygone days they were reputed the home of dragons. And within my memory, full-scale searches have been launched for missing children. Now the entrances are sealed. Yet still they trouble the unsuspecting population with sinkholes opening up and swallowing cars, lorries and buses.

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  2. Brilliant! Tunnels have always been a fun fascination of mine 🖤 I love to drive through tunnels when traveling and explore hikable caves in the Pacific Northwest USA – I’d never thought about monsters or creatures, but I love where you’re going with that! Thank you for joining us this week!

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