100 Word Wednesday: Week 127

“It’s interesting how things turn out,” she continued. “You killed me and now, I came back as your guide to the next world.”

“So a revenge, is that it?” I challenged, my voice unrepentant. “Making sure I’ll dead?”

Her eyes rolled. “Men!” Staring straight into my eyes, she continued. “That choice is yours alone, as a prisoner of your own body or to cross over the ocean.”

Silence reigned.

She glanced at the sparkler in her hands and smiled. “Remember your last words to me? Now let me repeat them back at you. Your time is running out.”

(98 words)

I love the idea of karma, although we do not see it in real life action. But wouldn’t it be a shocking, at your death bed, to see someone you killed giving you an impossible choice?

As you may have suspected, I’m a vengeful kind of person. LOL

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Prompt: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 127

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