Kreative Kue 215


It’s Good Business

“… and Grampa Klaus managed to keep the factory open despite the economic recession. However, his health worsened so he handed over to his son 30 years ago. His son, Senior Klaus, had more business sense and managed to expand the factory to manufacture other products – ”

“Why are you boring me with the history of the factory?” Mr Dayton interrupted as he turned to gaze at Victor. “I called for an update regarding the negotiations.”

His right hand man, Victor, coughed and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “We are currently experiencing a bit of a problem. Senior Klaus is not interested in our proposals and -”

“Victor,” Mr Dayton interrupted again, displeasure colouring his voice. “I hired you to take care of these problems. Do what is necessary.”

Victor cleared his throat before announcing proudly. “Of course, Mr Dayton. I was about to tell you that Grampa Klaus’s health is worsening. I’m fairly certain we can arrange something to aid in his worsening health, and -”

Mr Dayton waved his hand. “I don’t care about that old fogey Klaus. It’s that abhorrent Klaus’ signature I want on the sale deed.”

“Of course, with his father’s worsening health and medical bills distracting him, I’m sure our plans are already halfway successful – ”

“I abhor uncertainty, only utter success,” Mr Dayton narrowed his eyes at Victor.

“Naturally, Mr Dayton, I have also personally been working on Junior Klaus. He is a good-for-nothing gambling addict who doesn’t care about the family business. His debt is increasing exponentially and soon, Senior Klaus has to step in to help his son regarding this matter. This is a small town and Senior Klaus is very particular about the family’s reputation. I’m sure with all this financial pressure arising from both Grampa Klaus and Junior Klaus, Senior Klaus would eventually accept our proposal. In fact, I’m fairly certain we can cut the price on the sale deed by a third – ”

“By half,” Mr Dayton stressed. “Keep the pressure on that Klaus. Arrange matters regarding Grampa Klaus and Junior Klaus. I don’t care what it takes.”

He then returned his attention back to his previous object of study. Victor followed his boss’ predatory gaze and looked at the factory in front of them.

“By this time next month, I want those repugnant buildings removed and our project to commerce,” Mr Dayton announced.

“Of course, Mr Dayton,” Victor agreed mildly and reached into his pocket for his mobile phone. Victor started to issue instructions even as the chauffeur opened the door for Mr Dayton to get into his Mercedes-Benz.

Mr Dayton would not be denied.

(444 words)

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Prompt: Kreative Kue 215


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