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The wisp danced in the air; it enjoyed the freedom of movement in the air. It had tried swimming before, but with water, its movements were sluggish and it was only using the surface. But with air, its movements were lighter and it flittered in the whole space.

(It’s time to decide.)

It spun and rotated in a single spot. Who was that?

(It’s time for you to decide what you want to be, young one.)

It could not understand who was speaking. It could not understand what the decision was. Most importantly, it could not understand why it had to make a decision.

(That’s the nature of things. Decide, young one.)

It flittered through the air for a few more moments. Then it made its decision. It decided to be a butterfly.

If it had known loneliness before, the wisp would no longer remember it. It was now among friends, fluttering.

Dreams come true.

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Prompt: Kira’s Sunday Scribbles


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