Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge: The Basketball


Image by zgmorris13 from Pixabay

Title: The Basketball

Type: Flash Fiction
Genre: Realistic

She was puzzled when her seven-year-old girl left the counter empty-handed. “Where’s the basketball?” she asked.

“The man at the counter said I should play with dolls instead,” her little girl replied. “It’s ok, Mama. I don’t like the ball anyway.”

Furious, she grabbed her daughter’s hand and marched straight to the counter, pausing long enough only to get the basketball on the way.

“Here, we’re getting this basketball. For my girl! And don’t you dare tell her what she can and can’t play.”

Both the man at the counter and her daughter learnt a valuable lesson that day.

(99 words)

This prompt is a difficult one, due to the large amount of discussion which could arise from this. Writing a 99-word story that portrays the layered complexities of the self and others in the society we lived in really pushed me out of my comfort zone. But I am still quite happy with what I came up with though.

If you are interested, the prompt is linked below.

Prompt: Carrot Ranch April 18 Flash Fiction Challenge


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