Suspending Rain

Photo credits: Tien | Varazdin, Croatia (2018)

notes of heaven’s horn died
and sparkling spears ceased
i explored the vestiges
of a recurring war

searching for heaven’s tears
i found them amongst flowers
suspended upon silky threads
by earth’s natural architect

i marveled at these remnants
threaded tiny diamonds resting
restlessly defiant
defying their demise

beautiful resilience
after this disaster
paradise is not lost
only suspended


7 thoughts on “Suspending Rain

    • I’m a pendulum on grandfather’s clock, oscillating between Medium and WordPress. Love Medium for the community, WordPress for the freedom (yet frustratingly complicated navigation) of editing. Just can’t have it all…LOL

      But these days, I am slowly moving away from Medium because I am seeing more stars on my night mode version of Medium than in the Milky Way so…Wordpress is the winner at the moment? *shrugs*

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      • Yes, you email me anytime at the pub’s email address and I’ll walk you through WordPress, re: navigation. I don’t want you to be frustrated. In all honesty, the formatting, use of centering and alignment options, choice of themes, etc. are all much better via WordPress and it’s free. Medium is moving towards all locked/paywalled content and total subscription only… In the near future, we won’t even be able to log on there if we’re not paying.

        I have no clue when, but that is the focus for Medium. It’s a sad thing, but… it’s their necessity.

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      • Oh, I most will contact you if I run into any trouble 😀 I recognise Medium’s shift in strategy, as well as some writers’ needs for sustainable income. I’m just sad that marketisation is still in the front when it comes to arts, and nostalgic about the “good old days”, when writers can simply connect through their words…Oh well, I guess I’m just weird in that manner…

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      • No. I am the same way. Medium has sent so many emails to me to get me to lock my pieces and I’ve declined each one. I am not there for that, especially with them. Their marketing approach has been piss-poor and there’s still no finite explanation of where all of the money actually goes and how it’s distributed. I don’t want any parts of that. Lol.

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      • You have summed up my thoughts perfectly. I don’t mind paying the writers directly, especially if I know how my 5 bucks are allocated through the applause system (claps just sound eerie to my ears). But from what I gathered pressing my ear against the paywall, the writers ain’t happy about the system. I know some are locking their stories because of the intellectual catfish website fiasco a while back but most are trying to earn a few bucks to supplement their income and…Medium ain’t doing that…*sigh*

        In any case, I’ll probably starting posting more here as opposed to Medium and read there as much as I possibly could. 😀 Cheers and I hope you are ready for your upcoming vacation! And promise me lots of pictures of you and Jernee!


      • We have a mini vacation starting tomorrow and then another in April. We are ready!

        Yes! And when you have major Writers and actors and big time politicians locking pieces too, you can bet everyone’s not getting what they expect.

        It saddens me to think about it, but “that’s the way of the world” now.

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