Private Heaven

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He woke up to a weight on his shoulder and an arm draped across his chest. Smiling, he cuddled the familiar form next to him. “I like it when you lie on me. It’s been a while since I woke up like this,” he mumbled.

“We should do this more often then.”

“I don’t think it works that way, honey. It’s precious because we don’t do this enough.”

She giggled. “We have a weird relationship going on.”

“Yeah, but it’s our weird relationship and I love it.” To emphasize what he said, he planted a kiss on her head and closed his eyes again.

They continued to lie in their bed for a while. “We should really get up,” she eventually said even as she continued to rest her head on his shoulders, drawing lazy circles on his chest.

“Yeah, we should.”

But neither of them made a move; instead, he only hugged her tighter as they sank deeper into the bed. And she allowed him.

“We rarely have time together. Are we really going to waste time lying here all day?” she asked, feeling rather petulant.

“We are not waste time, we are creating memories together, honey,” he mumbled again.

She smiled. They continued to lie peacefully in their bed.

In their private heaven.

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